7×7’s 2011 List of Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Well, before I even had a chance to make a dent into the 7×7 2010 List of Big Eat SF, the 2011 list of 100 things to try before you die from 7×7 was published.  Eek!  We have lots of eating to do, and then some.  Time to start chiseling away at the list!  As I said in my last 7×7 list of foods to try… San Francisco, get in my BELLY!

p.s. I plan to strike through the listing just to keep track of what I have eaten.

1. Ma Po Tofu @ Mission Chinese Food

2. Roast Chicken with Bread Salad @ Zuni Cafe

3. Coffee-Rubbed Pork Shoulder @ Range Restaurant

4. Carnitas Taco @ La Taqueria

5. Chasu Ramen @ Katana-ya <—– OMFG what a freakin’ good bowl of spicy miso chasu ramen!!  Definitely the best.

6. Puka Punch @ Smuggler’s Cove

7. Morning Bun @ Tartine Bakery <—– it was good, but the frangipane croissant and/or the double pain au chocolat deserves to be on this list because it was much more tastier!

8. Crab with Cellophane Noodles @ The Slanted Door

9. Eggs in Jail @ Outerlands

10. Hamburguesa @ Don Pisto’s

11. Pork Sugo with Papperdelle @ Delfina

12. Porchetta Sandwich @ Roli Roti at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market <—– awesomeness.  it was porky goodness!

13. Xiao Long Bao @ Shanghai Dumpling King  <—– not quite Joe Shanghai’s caliber in NYC, but still a good West Coast alternative when craving XLBs.

14. Warm Egg Salad Sandwich @ Il Cane Rosso

15. Seasonal Sorbet @ Scream Sorbet (Ferry Building Marketplace)

16. Katsu Curry @ Muracci’s Japanese Grill

17. Pizza Margherita @ Pizzeria Delfina

18. $24 prix fixe @ Cotogna

19. Thousand year old quail egg @ Benu

20. Salumi Misti Plate @ Perbacco

21. Tonkotsu Ramen @ Izakaya Sozai

22. Roasted Pork Banh Mi @ Saigon Sandwiches

23. Strong beer @ Magnolia Pub & Brewery

24. Loaf of Bread @ Tartine Bakery

25. Pistachio meatballs @ Zare at Fly Trap

26. Spicy baby octopus stew @ La Ciccia Restaurant

27. Tuna Tartare and a Gin Martini @ Bix Restaurant

28. Clam Chowder @ Anchor Oyster Bar

29. Tuna Tostada @ Tacolicious

30. Pupusas @ Balompie Cafe

31. Prime Rib @ House of Prime Rib <——- really tender, juicy cut of prime rib with lots of yummy sides.

32. Steamed Bao with Pork Belly & Pickled Daikon @ Chairman Bao Truck

33. The Little Star @ Little Star Pizza

34. Burger @ Bar Tartine

35. Salted Caramel Ice Cream @ Bi-Rite Creamery <— I heart their salted caramel ice cream!  It’s my McCreamy!

36. Soft garlic pretzels @ Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

37. Rotisserie Chicken @ Limon Peruvian Rotisserie

38. burger and fries @ Spruce

39. Paper Masala Dosa @ Dosa <——— only one word to describe the dosa… yummy!

40. Pierna Enchilada Torta @ La Torta Gorda

41. Ahi Tuna Burger @ Gott’s Roadside

42. Pho Ga @ Turtle Tower Restaurant

43. Tortilla Soup @ Chilango

44. Beer Sausage @ Rosamunda Sausage Grill

45. durk larb @ Lers Ros Thai Noodles

46. Secret Breakfast Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe —- Some would argue this was better than Bi-Rite Creamery.  I completely disagree.  But the secret breakfast ice cream was pretty damn good!

47. Chips and Salsa @ Papalote Mexican Grill

48. Belgian Waffle @ Blue Bottle Cafe

49. Ginger Snaps @ Miette Cakes

50. Belgian Beer @ Monk’s Kettle

51. Maccaronara with Ricotta Salata @ A16

52. Carnitas @ Nopalito

53. The Laphroaig Project @ Rickhouse

54. Spiced Chocolate Doughnut and Four Barrel Coffee @ Four Barrel Coffee

55. Sweetwater Oysters @ Hog Island Oyster Co. <——– i have to have this every time we are in SF.  A little dash of horseradish, cocktail sauce, lemon juice, and tabasco makes the perfect toppings for a sweet oyster.

56. Chicken Porridge @ Out the Door <—– WOW. So many layers of flavors!  It falls right behind my Mom’s turkey rice porridge.

57. Sandwich No. 1 @ Lucca Delicatessen

58. Pork shoulder fried rice @ Sai Jai Thai Restaurant

59. Hamburger @ 4505 Meats (Ferry Building Thursday & Saturday Market)

60. Huarache with Cactus Salad @ El Huarache Loco

61. Egg Custard Tart @ Golden Gate Bakery <——- it’s really the best egg custard tart ever, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven!

62. Dim Sum @ Ton Kiang <—— <—– Overpriced, and just alright.  I think dim sum at Gold Mountain Restaurant in Chinatown is much better.

63. Pozole @ San Jalisco

64. Sand Dabs @ Tadich Grill

65. Cookies-and-Cream Cookie and Mik @ Anthony’s Cookies

66. Pig Parts @ Incanto Restaurant <—– yes, yes, and yes!  DELICIOUS, and amazingly well prepared offal.  See my review.

67. Meatloaf Sandwich @ Fatted Calf

68. Foccacia @ Liguria Bakery

69. Omakase @ Sebo

70. Shanghai Buck @ Heaven’s Dog

71. Fried Green Beans @ COCO500

72. popovers @ Wayfare Tavern

73. Corned Beef Sandwich with Gruyere @ The Sentinel

74. Eggs Benedict @ Zazie

75. Super Carne Asada Burrito @ El Farolito

76. Onion Strings @ Alfred’s Steak House

77. Fried chicken @ Foreign Cinema

78. Apple Fritter @ Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop

79. Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food

80. Chicken Hash @ Ella’s Restaurant

81. Pickled egg with a Manhattan @ Comstock Saloon

82. Margarita @ Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant <——– great place for chips and salsa, blended margarita and good company!

83. Curry Bun @ Sandbox Bakery

84. Cheese Slice @ Arinell Pizza Inc

85. Sesame Balls @ Yank Sing Restaurant

86. Buckwheat Crepe with French Cider @ Ti Couz Creperie

87. Coconut Buns @ Kings Bakery Cafe

88. Lettuce Cups @ Betelnut

89. Korean Taco @ Namu (Ferry Building Farmer’s Market) <——– it was good, but that was it.  Nothing spectacular.  It was basically chopped kalbi korean bbq with rice, daikon, kimchee salsa, teriyaki and kimchee remoulade wrapped in toasted seaweed.  It wasn’t worth $3 for one taco.  At least we tried it.

90. Albondigas Soup @ Mijita

91. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog @ Mission, San Francisco, CA

92. Lumberjack Cake @ Frances

93. Seven Courses of Beef @ Pagolac

94. Irish Coffee @ Buena Vista Cafe <——– thank you Tyler Florence for his recommendation from “The Best Thing I Ever Drank” on Food Network!  It was a really great irish coffee on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the Marina District.  However, this place is a tourist magnet, so beware!

95. 3 am Bowl of Caldo Verde Soup @ Grubstake

96. Ube Ice Cream @ Mitchell’s Ice Cream <——– My all-time favorite ice cream flavor from Mitchell’s.

97. Lamb Schawerma @ Truly Mediterranean

98. Chicken Curry Lunch Special @ Punjab Kebab House

99. Fried Chicken and Waffles @ Little Skillet

100. Cracked Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab @ Swan Oyster Depot

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