SF Food Truck Bucket List

I’m obsessed with food trucks.  It all started on our trip to Portlandia where there are food trucks galore on every single block of that city.  Alright, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but there are street blocks of food trucks.  It’s amazing how food trucks are all the rage nowadays.  San Francisco has food truck events known as Off The Grid, which is a food truck extravaganza.  There are a few places in San Francisco where these events are held, but the largest one is at Fort Mason where upwards of 30 trucks can be found here.    I’ve only experienced a few food trucks in San Francisco at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, but I’m really excited about exploring the other food truck venues around the City.  Check back for reviews and more additions to this list! 🙂

1. Namu (Asian-inspired street food)

2. Hapa SF (modern organic Filipino cuisine)

3. Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese street food)

4. Kung Fu Tacos (East meets south of the border tacos)

5. Seoul on Wheels (Mobile Korean goodness)

6. Onigilly (Japanese snacks wrapped with seaweed)

7. Senor Sisig (Filipino fusion food truck)

8. Curry Up Now (Indian street food)

9. The Taco Guys (tacos)

10. JapaCurry (Japanese curry dishes)

11. Brass Knuckle (gourmet sandwiches and more)

12. Wow Truck (modern Filipino food)

13. Iz It!?! (IZ IT is a Hawaiian, Chinese, Pan-Asian inspired mobile food truck known for it’s ICONIC fried chicken. KICKIN’ tacos, and SPAMMED OUT musubis)

14. Cupkates (mobile cupcakes)

15. Chairman Bao (traditional and flavorful Chinese steamed and baked buns that use the freshest ingredients – savory and addictive.)

16. BBQ Kalbi (Korean fusion food)

17. El Porteno (empanadas)

18. The Creme Brulee Cart (creme brulee)

19. Happy Dumplings (Asian dumplings of all sorts)

20. Saucy Dumplings (Chinese dim sum with a twist)

21. Sataysfied (satays)

22. Azalina’s Malaysian (Malaysian food)

23. El Huarache Loco  (Mexican street food)

24. Pica Pica (maize; arepas, cachapa, maize’wich)

25. Zombie Curry (curry)

26. Peter’s Kettle Corn (kettle corn)

27. 4505 Meats (chicarrones, hot dogs, burgers)

28. AdoboHobo (Filipino adobo fares)

29. 3-SUM Eats (gourmet sandwiches)

30. Musubi Kings (gourmet musubis)

31. Chaac Mool (traditional Yucatecan food)

32. Roli Roti (gourmet rotisserie on wheels; porchetta sandwiches)

33. Soup Lady (all sorts of soups)

34. Treatbot (karaoke ice cream truck)

35. An The Go (Vietnamese street food; garlic noodles)

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